Product Name   Description     Sample
Multi-Purpose Reducer

  Used to transition your laminate flooring to a variety of other floor coverings such as vinyl or carpet.
Carpet Reducer/End Molding   Used to ensure the proper transition when your hardwood or laminate flooring meets other floor coverings, such as vinyl, thin ceramic tile, or low-pile carpeting.

    Carpet Reducter
Step-Down Stairnose   Used as a transition piece for the corners of stairs.

    Step-Down Stairnose
T-Molding   Commonly used in doorways to join two hardwood or laminate floors in adjoining rooms. Also recommended when making transitions from a hardwood or laminate floor to another floor that is approximately the same height.

Quarter Round   Used as a trim piece along walls and baseboards.

    Quarter Round
Molding Track   Used to hold moldings in place.

    Molding Track
Wallbase   Use a Wall Base border around your room. The border may also be used under cabinets as a cover for toe kicks.

 Threshold   Typically used at exterior doorways. Threshold moldings transition between flooring and the doorway threshold. It can also be used as a transition from wood floors to different flooring surfaces when the reducer won't do, such as on high-pile carpet or thick ceramic tile.

Style Name   Density   FHA   Roll Size   Sample
7/16" Mandate Rebond Pad   6.00     30 Sq Yds  
1/2" Mandate Rebond Pad   6.00     30 Sq Yds  
3/8" Chief Rebond Pad   8.00     30 Sq Yds  
7/16" Chief Rebond Pad   8.00     20 Sq Yds  
1/2" Chief Rebond Pad   8.00     20 Sq Yds  
7/16" Life Touch   7.00     20 Sq Yds  
7/16" St. Jude Hope   8.00     20 Sq Yds  

Style Name   Density   FHA   Roll Size   Sample
Premium Touch Triple-Touch Pad   8.00     25 Sq Yds  
Ultimate Touch   10.00     25 Sq Yds  

Style Name   Density   FHA   Roll Size   Sample
Eco Fiber Max 20   7.00     40 Sq Yds  
Eco Fiber Max 24   8.00     40 Sq Yds  
Eco Fiber Max 28   8.20     40 Sq Yds  
Eco Fiber Max 32   8.90     40 Sq Yds  
Eco Fiber Max 40   9.50     40 Sq Yds  

Style Name   Description   Sample
Shaw 2-in-1   For use with laminate flooring. Adds moisture resistance & sound absorption. "Just right" thickness for comfort & stability. For use over concrete or wood substrates on all grade levels.  
Shaw 3-in-1   Superior performance acoustical flooring underlayment. Impact Insulation Class (IIC) rating of 72db. Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 72db. Seam overlap protection with peel and stick adhesive strip eliminating the need to tape seams when installing over concrete.  
Title   Description     Sample
Shaw Laminates   Key Specs & Product Advantages

Laminates Spec Sheet (pdf)
    Laminates Spec Sheet
Underlayment Options
  Good, Better, & Best options for underlayment

Underlayment Sheet (pdf)
 Grout Options   Color chart for Grout.

Grout Chart (pdf)
    Grout Options
 Environmentally Responsible? Yes.   Describes environmentally-responsible product features of Lunar, Brushstone, and Matrix porcelain tiles

Tile & Stone Green (pdf)
    Tile & Stone Green
 Merkrete Product Information Guide   Product & application information for mortar, grout, adhesives, etc.

Merkrete Product Information Guide (pdf)
    Merkrete product information Guide


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